About TodayRice4U

We are a multifaceted business body, dealing with a number of real estate business activities ranging from renovations and the releasing of the building that already existing to the purchase of bare land selling of land that has undergone development. We operate a company that deals with all these commercial activities and we try to be as innovative and creative as possible to ensure maximum productivity of available resources. In other words, we try to look at what is ideal and possible that has not been exploited in a certain area or region, then go ahead to combine available natural, artificial and human resources to initiate and sustain productivity. We try to make a positive impact on the general society by converting their present unproductive resources into productive resources. We engage in extended research studies from which we source our beneficial ideas and transform them into solid, tangible and real development. We convert ideas into real things.

Nature of our activities

Our core business activities include buying of land, building or giving tenders to builders and construction companies, financing different types of real estate deals, initiating development projects, imagining, controlling, creating and orchestrating development process right from the beginning up to an end.